Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Salient Attributes Of A Good Business Website

Nowadays, creating a website is not so hard, and your business websites are actually a platform through you can connect with your customers. What makes your website stand out amongst the rest? What makes it the place you want for your business? Salient attributes of a good business website which you should know to get the best result are as follows.

An eye-catching design: The first and foremost thing your website should have is an eye-catching design which helps to drive traffic to your website. So think about its design thoroughly because this is the only thing which gives first and even the last impression of your company on a customer's mind.

Convenient navigation: A customer can visit so many sites in a day and if they feel any difficulty while accessing your site then they will immediately leave and move to another. So another salient feature your website should have is a convenient navigation, which is good for the site owner and for the customers as well.

Fresh and engaging content: Content is the king of your site without this your design is incomplete and you cannot take it for granted. This is because apart from the site design and smooth navigation this is the only thing which helps to retain the interest of your clients and give them a reason to come back to your site again and again. So always try to deliver a rich content to your customer that must be informative, interesting and readable.

Search option: On the off chance your website is crammed with loads of information so it will be convenient for the customer if it has a search option so that they can easily find what they actually want. So don't forget to add the search option on your site it enhances the user experience.

Sitemap: Another important attribute your website must have is a sitemap which is generally of two types. One is for the search engines and another for the very customers.

Web browser compatibility: This is a must for your website that it runs properly on different browsers because your customer uses a number of browsers to visit your site. And if your website doesn't have browser compatibility so it may lose a number of customers.

Images: For the perfect business website your website should be eye-catching as above and this can be only possible if it has lots of images of your product and services which helps to easily understand what you are exactly offered to them. But always keep in mind that images on your site must be neither too large nor too small.

Analytics: Last but not the least thing which your website must have is the static and analytic function which helps the site owners to see their actual presence is and on what aspects they need to be improved.

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Monday, 14 March 2016

Things Your Website Should Do And Things It Should Not

Is your website is enough to attract a huge traffic to your website? Is your website having the capability to easily manage the online content, purchase and sale in the easy and simple manner? If the answer is "no", so what are you waiting for? The following checklist will help you to make sure that what your website should do and what it shouldn't.

Things Your Website Should Have

Your Website Should Do...

  • Your website must have a private, easy to read and memorable domain name for your website so that your customers can easily trust you and never forget your domain name
  • Your website should have a secure and safe payment gateway so your customer's don't have any fear of loss data during online transactions
  • You should contain your business name and address in the text, this will help search engines to easily read it
  • Make your contact information easy to find and put your company mobile or contact number in click-to-call format
  • You should show-off customer testimonials; this is the best way to tell people how great your company is
  • Tell your visitors what you are exactly going to offer them, so that they can show interest on your website
  • Offer fresh content and keywords on your website, which is loved by the customers and search engines as well
  • Always speak to your visitors and always invite their feedback, this will help you to know that you are on the right path or not
  • Links to other website and also have other websites link to yours, this will help to expand your business
  • Connect with social media, this will drive more traffic and helps to connect with more customers from all around the world

Things Your Website Should Not Have

Your Website Should Not Do...

  • Don't use fancy cursors or music, moving text, and flash animation; this will distract your customer
  • Your website shouldn't have dead links otherwise; your customer will not waste a single minute on your site and move to another website
  • Don't list all your products and services in one long, this is because continue scrolling may be breaking the interest of your customer
  • Images without ALT tags or text captions are quite tough to catch by search engines, so don't post them without ALT tags or text caption
  • Your website shouldn't have lots of bells and whistles
From above, now you know that what your website should do and what it should so don't forget to keep in mind all these points to make your website successful.

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