Thursday, 12 January 2017

How To Optimize Your Website Contact Form For Conversion?

A Contact Form is an ideal way to interact with your visitors. It gives them a simple way to get connected with you, tell their requirements and ask anything else they want to know about your offered products and you can answer them. It plays a vital role in converting your visitors into your customers. A leading Website Designing Company in Delhi can help you with this. Here are some of the common tips you need to keep in mind while designing your website contact form for conversion.

Perfect Contact Form

Put As Fewer Fields As Possible In The Form: Always keep in mind the manageable the form is to fill out; the more chances a visitor take initiatives to fill it. So, ask only what is required, not more than that, otherwise, it may confuse your visitors and they end up leaving your website.

Use The Right Layout: Another thing you should keep in mind while designing a form is pick the right layout for it. It may enhance the overall look of your website and attract more and more visitors, which increase your conversion rate.

Get Rid Of Captcha: No doubt, captcha is very much helpful in filtering spam but nobody likes them because it may annoy the visitors and put a negative impact on them. So, you should get rid of it, so, it may increase your conversion.

Try It On Phone: Make sure your website contact form is likely to open on the mobile too, otherwise it may put a negative impact on your client's mind and they leave your website immediately. So, always consult a Responsive Website Designing Company in Delhi like Web Click India that helps you in designing a mobile-friendly website and contact form.

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