Monday, 16 May 2016

Simple SEO Rules For Designers

Nowadays, if you are planning to design a website, so, you have to give special attention to its SEO. SEO also known as Search Engine Optimization is an essential part of your website. It not only helps to improve the search ranking of your site even though help in driving more traffic to it. If your site is not SEO-friendly then it has no worth - how?

It's a simple theory that people only go for the one, which is in front of their eyes. If your site is on the top of the Google or any other search engine than it can easily grab the attention of the visitor, however, if it is on the second or the third page, so, maybe it is ignored by your customer. Here are some simple SEO rules that help you to increase the ranking of your website.

Don't change your keyword: Keyword is an important ingredient, which helps you to increase the ranking of your website. So, always try to stick to your keyword. Choose your keyword after analyzing the taste and preference of your customer.

Clean codes are searchable: Don't forget that your site is not only for web crawlers it is for human beings. So, always try to write clean codes in HTML, which are easy to read and understand as well. Follow the actual structure of HTML, which helps to provide a clear navigation of the site to your customer.

Home Page is an important page: Another important SEO rule that helps to increase your site ranking is that you should give special attention to the home page of your site. If your home page is attractive and informative then it will give a reason to your visitor to look at the other pages of your website.

Links have meanings: Links that don't have any meaning are a waste. So, always add links to your site, which are inter-connectable and have some meaning. This will help to land the visitor directly to your site, which in result improve its visibility.

Include a Sitemap: It is really helpful to describe the structure of your website and moreover, it can easily crawl by the web spiders. So, make sure your website has an XML sitemap.

Design for Humans: A site only ranks higher if it is designed for humans. And the major reason behind this is that search engines, like Google specially designed to find what actually a customer or a human being looking for.

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